Downcast Art dobio odlične recenzije u američkom Sonic Cathedralu

KARLOVAC – Karlovačka grupa Downcast Art, prema recenziji američkog web magazina Sonic Cathedral, svrstana je u sam svjetski vrh symphonic metal glazbe. Njihov prvi album “Forbidden Memories” ocijenjen je s 11/10, što znači “više od savršenog”.

Pročitajte zaključak recenzije:

” Downcast Art provides everything you can ask for in this genre. And this is an early release, damn, they could get better. But, until they do, this is as good as I have heard. I’ve only given an 11 once before, to a French band, and well deserved. But, as I go back over the years, there have been few, very few, to produce the reaction in me that this one has. This one isn’t a 10, that’s only perfection. This one goes beyond that, book it. . . it’s an 11. Case closed. 11 / 10. . . AND I MEAN IT”